Shilajit for Winter - Health Benefits, Uses & More

Shilajit for Winter - Health Benefits, Uses & More

There are various health benefits and uses of shilajit that you can consider for the cold months of the year. If you’re unaware of how this natural substance can cure many health issues, this blog is about to tell you all about it.

Winter is wonderful but also can be tricky for people who fall prey to common illnesses due to the low temperatures. A lot of people start to get common colds, flu, allergies, and asthma due to the cold wind. And if there's something that can help you feel healthy and not fall sick over and over again during the cold months of the year, it's shilajit. Shilajit is a sticky black mineral-rich resin that is found in high mountainous areas such as the Altai in Siberia. There are a lot of shilajit uses and benefits that you need to know of, but first, let us tell you a little history about it.

History of Shilajit:

Famous physician and philosopher Abu ibn Sina (1) described shilajit in his book called 'The Canon of Medical Science'. It talked about how shilajit was an all-healing remedy and how the folk healers used it to treat bone fractures, dislocations, bronchial asthma, etc. According to Abu, shilajit made the heart strong, rejuvenated the skin, and even got rid of excessive thickening of the blood. It was in the medieval era when shilajit gained popularity and was established as one of the 'rasa' in Ayurveda. More and more people started to understand the benefits of shilajit and how to use it to better human health.

Benefits of Eating Shilajit in Winter:

Now that you got to know a little about the history of shilajit, let us tell you something more about this amazing ingredient. There are many benefits of eating shilajit that you might not be aware of. And the below list of shilajit benefits will only give you an insight into the same,

1. It Aids in Lowering Stress and Anxiety:

You can make use of shilajit to help reduce stress and anxiety. Winter is also the end of the year and a lot of people can feel highly anxious and stressed out to meet deadlines at work, make time for the family, and planning a trip with their loved ones. And while it's unavoidable to feel pressured, you can use the benefits of eating shilajit to your rescue. Shilajit can aid in relieving feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. Often, the symptoms of stress and anxiety are linked to lower levels of potassium, magnesium, and zinc. And since shilajit is packed with these minerals, it will only benefit your mental health.

It Aids in Lowering Stress and Anxiety

2. It Helps Boost Immunity:

One of the shilajit health benefits includes enhancing your body's immunity. It is considered to be a natural immunomodulator that can effectively regulate your immune system. The fulvic & humic acids present in shilajit contain antibacterial & antiviral properties that can help you boost immunity and fight seasonal illnesses like the common cold, cough, sore throat, etc. As shilajit is loaded with zinc, copper, manganese, & iron, it can support the work of important enzymes like Glutathione, Catalase, and Superoxide Dismutase in shielding your body against germs, stressors, and bugs.

3. It Helps Reduce Ageing Effects:

There is a highly respected database from the National Institute of Health (2) that noted that fulvic acid, present in shilajit, acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound. It can help in reducing free radicals & cellular damage in your body, both of which play a role in ageing. Daily consumption of shilajit in moderation can help slow down the effects of ageing in some people.

There are many more shilajit benefits than the three mentioned above. And if you wish to try it out for yourself, we recommend you invest in the Saffola Immuniveda Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin. While it has all the health benefits mentioned earlier, it is a 100% Ayurvedic product that is a definite source of improving stamina and physical performance while improving strength. It consists of more than 3% Fulvic Acid and is NABL Lab Tested.

Uses of Shilajit:

Now that you're aware of shilajit health benefits, we'd like to tell you about shilajit uses so that you can start including this ingredient in your daily diet.

1. For Muscle Fatigue:

Shilajit may be considered beneficial in improving exercise performance as it helps enhance fatigue-related metabolic characteristics while increasing muscle mass and strength in your body. This substance can have favourable effects on the retention of muscular strength once you are done with a tiring task.

Muscle Fatigue

2. For the Heart:

One of the uses and benefits of shilajit can potentially be for your heart health. In a study mentioned by pharmeasy, shilajit helped decrease the harmful effects on heart tissues in rats. However, more human trials are required to discover the true scope of shilajit in the human body.

3. For Gastric Ulcers:

For the uninitiated, a peptic ulcer is a gastric lesion that usually develops when the gastric lining is exposed to aggressive agents. And the factors that are responsible for gastrointestinal disorders are oxidative stress and free radicals. Shilajit may have anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties and can be used to cure gastric ulcers.

Precautions - Side Effects of Shilajit When Consumed in Excess:

- To begin with, excessive dosage of anything is injurious to health, and the same remains with the use of shilajit too.

- Consuming impure shilajit may lead to intoxication as heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead among others are harmful to the human body.

- In some cases, consumption of Ayurvedic products that contain shilajit as an ingredient has been associated with lead poisoning. So make sure that you only consume this substance after consulting a doctor.

- If you experience any side effects after eating shilajit, make sure to rush to a hospital and get treated to overcome the side effects.

- Pregnant and breastfeeding women should rather avoid the use of shilajit as there is a lack of sufficient data that's related to its safe use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

- Don't give shilajit to small children and older adults as there is less information about its safety at these ages.


Those are all the shilajit uses and benefits along with the side effects and precautions of the same. Overall, it is a great Ayurvedic ingredient to include in your diet if you need to improve your health and stamina. However, be sure to consult a doctor before you start with any new Ayurvedic ingredient such as shilajit to avoid any health-related issues.


  • How to store shilajit for better shelf life?

It is always better to store shilajit in a cool place and if it's not possible, you can keep it at room temperature while making sure that the storage place is dark at the least.

  • Can I take shilajit daily?

A pea-sized part of shilajit can be dissolved in liquid and consumed up to three times a day, or depending on the instructions on the pack. The recommended dosage of shilajit is anywhere between 300-500 milligrams a day. But, it's always better to speak with an expert before taking natural supplements.

  • Who should consume shilajit?

Shilajit is considered to be a health rejuvenator, so anyone except for small children, old adults, and pregnant women can take shilajit to improve energy levels. It can help reduce bone fatigue, and lethargy, improve testosterone levels and also enhance male fertility.

  • At what time should I take Shilajit?

If you buy shilajit in liquid form, you can dissolve a small portion of it in liquid and consume it one to three times a day, depending on the instructions. If you invest in shilajit powder, then you can take it twice a day with milk, as mentioned by Healthline. However, it is better to always administer the supplements as per the instructions mentioned in the package.

  • What is the right dosage of Shilajit for daily consumption?

These factors should help you understand how much shilajit you can take per day:

- General Health

- Body size

- Body mass index (BMI)

- Metabolism

- Food and other lifestyle choices

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