9 Drinks That Help You Sleep Faster at Night

9 Drinks That Help You Sleep Faster at Night

Sleep is valuable to remain active and rejuvenated the next day. Drinking herbal tea or a cup of warm milk before bed can help you relax and may make you obese. Yogurt, almonds and bananas are rich in sleep-inducing nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, tryptophan, calcium and vitamins B6.
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Sleep is valuable to remain active and rejuvenated the next day. Drinking herbal tea or a cup of warm milk before bed can help you relax and may make you obese. Yogurt, almonds and bananas are rich in sleep-inducing nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, tryptophan, calcium and vitamins B6.

Body components like vitamins and minerals encourage sleep. Hence, the search for food items that contain these in abundance is never-ending.

But the favorite food ingredients that contain all vitamins and minerals, when made into a smoothie, become drinks for good sleep. These are easy to intake and yet, instigate sleep.

These ingredients can be a substitute for one's sleeping pills. Take a look at the following drinks that help you sleep.

Why Do Some Drinks Help You Sleep Quicker?

The hormone known for driving someone to sleep is melatonin.
On the other hand, the neurotransmitter agent that hones up a man's well-being, keeping him happy, is serotonin.

Serotonin present in the drinks for good sleep, helps raise melatonin levels in the human body, accelerating sleep.

A food item like milk contains tryptophan which is supposed to pump up serotonin levels in the human body. Eventually, one feels sleepy, intaking such sleep drinks or foods for better sleep.

9 Best Sleep Drinks for Good Sleep

Chamomile tea for good sleep

Chamomile is the best bedtime drink. It is one of the calming drinks for good sleep which carries impactful sleep-driving properties. The chemical structure of chamomile tea ignites sleep, thus one of the best drinks for good sleep.

Its building component, apigenin, helps to incur sleep when it comes in contact with the brain's Gaba receptor cells. It also consists of several antioxidants. Due to its natural properties, chamomile tea enables you to get rid of insomniac health concerns, promising a quality sleep at night.

For making chamomile tea for good sleep, pour water into a kettle and put it on heat. Then after boiling it, add tea leaves into the kettle. And it is ready to get served in a cup. The natural aroma of chamomile tea eases one's nerves and induces sleep.

Golden Turmeric Milk

For years, Saffola Golden Turmeric Milk has been in use. It works as a home sleep remedy. Have time tested drinks for good sleep with authentic Indian flavour.

Medical properties of such  drinks for good sleep are plentiful. Golden milk comprises numerous amino acids, namely tryptophan and many more that instigate sleep. It also consists of several minerals that bear with them sleep-driving properties.

Besides providing good taste to one's taste buds, golden milk has a modern sleep formula in-store, making it the best bedtime drink. This good night drink takes the least amount of effort to make.

How to make turmeric milk? : First, you have to pour the turmeric into a glass of milk and give it a good stir. Benefits of drinking milk at night includes being the elixir of insomnia. For lactose-intolerant people, opt for cashew, almond, or other plant-sourced milk option drinks for good sleep to dilute the turmeric in.

Similar ingredients to make drinks for good sleep can be found in Saffola Immuniveda Golden Turmeric Milk Mix. Stop worrying whether the drinks for good sleep constitutes good quality organic elements or not.

Ashwagandha Tea

When tea lovers ask how to sleep better at night naturally, the best sleeping drink has to be ashwagandha tea for them.

People have been using such tea for good sleep over the years to treat insomnia naturally. Ashwagandha leaves are rich in Triethylene Glycol. This compound induces sleep by curing anxiety disorders.

The sleep-driving properties in ashwagandha roots make the best natural cure for insomnia. 

Regular intake of ashwagandha tea may keep anxiety and stress at bay.

Doctor's consultation before taking ashwagandha tea, one must consider. Ashwagandha may leave adverse impacts on people with heart and thyroid health conditions.

Best drink before sleep - Almond milk 

Almond milk makes one of the best drinks for good sleep. Almonds are a tree nut variant rich in various minerals and vitamins. In addition, health beneficiary fibers are there in almond nuts. 

The process of preparing Almond milk starts by crushing almonds and adding water. Once you get the required texture, pulp it out. 

Almond milk comprises various sleep inductive minerals and hormones like melatonin and tryptophan. Magnesium also adds up to its Nutritional values. For insomnia treatment, older adults get prescribed regular intake of magnesium intake.

These components of almond milk make it one of the best drinks for good sleep. It is a known fact that benefits of drinking milk at night are unparalleled. It is good to drink milk before bed. But, people suffering from nut allergies must steer clear of almond milk. 

Banana-almond smoothie

What to drink to sleep faster? If the reason behind someone's delaying of sleep is magnesium lacking, Banana almond smoothie is one of the healthiest drinks for good sleep.

Magnesium deficiency often leads to fuelling problems of sleep delay. Since the mineral magnesium persists in both the ingredients, banana and almond, it is the best cure for this problem.

Herbal Tea 

What to drink before sleep when you are a tea lover?

Herbal Tea. It doesn't have caffeinated contains and has sleep-inducing properties in store. The benefits of several kinds of herbal tea are in the Saffola Immuniveda Kadha mix. 

Searching for drinks for good sleep without interruption? To get rid of sleep interruptions, always resort to ashwagandha tea. Those looking for a sleep anxiety cure should go for chamomile tea. We all know the priceless benefits of drinking milk at night, but never infuse herbal tea with milk.

Besides helping one get a sound sleep with no interruption, green teas accelerate the weight loss rate. It also helps in stress reduction. In addition, the amino acid theanine in green tea calms the body making one prone to fall asleep. 

Cherry smoothie

Cherry juice is one of the best drinks for good sleep which prevents insomnia. Tart cherries are rich in amino acid tryptophan that works as a sleep-inducing agent. 

The sleep-wake cycle gets back to its ideal routine with the consumption of drinks for good sleep like cherry smoothies. Melatonin secretion gets accelerated by both sweet and tart cherries. But tart cherries are more effective in this.

Lavender chai

Herbal teas are one of the popular drinks for good sleep. The flavor of lavender mixed up with vanilla and other spices infused in tea makes effective drinks for good sleep. 

Turmeric lemonade

Though the benefits of drinking milk at night is highly effective, having turmeric stirred in milk as drinks that help you sleep as it may give a heavy feeling to some. This works as one of the perfect drinks for good sleep for the lactose intolerant/vegan people. 

Infuse turmeric in a cup of tea as a refreshing bedtime drink. It is how one can cut out on the milk park from drinks that help you sleep, yet at the same time, get all the benefits of turmeric as a sleep-inducing agent.

Other Super Ingredients that help you sleep better at night

For avoiding medical resorts, a few natural ingredients can help hone up your sleep schedule. Especially ingredients rich in sleep-inducing nutrients, like turmeric, vitamins are best. Have them in drinks that help you sleep.

Saffron in milk works well as drinks that help you sleep. Almond milk one may take as a sleep booster. Ashwagandha helps in reducing anxiety issues and improving sleep.

Worst Drinks One Must Avoid Intaking Before Bedtime

The following beverages harm the sleep cycle in various ways. Refrain from having them as your good night drink. 


People often think intoxication might lead to a sound sleep in no time. IRL its the sheer opposite of the drinks that help you sleep.

But the sleep cycle gets disturbed in the long term. Within the 4 hours right before sleep, it is advisable to avoid taking alcoholic drinks. Instead have drinks for good sleep with a mocktail twist like iced herbal tea before going to bed.

A single drink might take more than an hour to get metabolized. Hence, one must take a bit of time between drinks while partying. And, sufficient water intake must ensure proper metabolism in that case.


The caffeine compound in coffee causes sleep disruption. In addition, since coffee contains diuretic properties, it induces urination. The urge to urinate can be a disruptive factor in sleep.

Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks like sodas contain sugar in abundance. Also, caffeine is there amongst their building compounds. Sleep routine can get annihilated by a sudden spike in blood sugar. In addition, it creates confusion in the human body.

Black or Green Tea 

Like coffee and other carbonated drinks, black and green tea also have diuretic properties in them therefore not the ideal drinks for good sleep. Besides that, the caffeine in black and green tea also causes sleep disruption. Hence, avoid them.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best drink that helps you sleep faster naturally?

Milk, almond milk, herbal teas, and cherry juice are drinks for good sleep. They have the best ingredients of drinks that make you sleepy. The benefits of drinking milk at night are countless!

What not to drink before bed?

One must not have a carbonated drink, caffeinated drink, coffee, black and green tea that contain caffeine before bed. Contrary to the drinks for good sleep these drinks leave you bloated or drained.

What are some reasons you can't sleep at night?

It could be sleep anxiety.

The excessive work stress and anxiety pangs may be responsible for the lacking of sleep. Sleep disruption may not let you sleep at night properly. It could also be due to one's excessive alcohol consumption.

What are some other sleep hygiene habits for better rest?

  1. Apart from having drinks for good sleep, taking a warm shower right before getting into bed reduces body heat and accelerates sleep. 
  2. Tech Detox – The blue light of mobile phones or other gadgets hampers sleep. Hence, avoid them before sleeping.
  3. Induced meditativeness – A quiet and calming room induces sleep. The room temperature must be comfortable and calming for a sound sleep.

    Did you know? Having drinks for good sleep such as chamomile and ashwagandha tea increases the concentration power to help you with brainstorming sessions as well as meditations.

What are some easy homemade drinks that help you sleep faster?

Is it good to drink milk before bed? Yes, Homemade almond milk, golden Turmeric Milk, herbal teas, and banana smoothies may help one sleep faster at night.