Immunity Booster Tips Backed by Ayurveda

Immunity Booster Tips Backed by Ayurveda

A strong immune system is highly beneficial in securing a healthy, prosperous, and happy life with a sense of overwhelming joy and fulfillment. "Immunity," which is backing the immunity booster, is a medical term that signifies the functioning of certain specific cells or enzymes or immunomodulatory chemicals which act as a shield in working certain pathogens to create diseases.

A strong immune system is highly beneficial in securing a healthy, prosperous, and happy life with a sense of overwhelming joy and fulfillment. "Immunity," which is backing the immunity booster, is a medical term that signifies the functioning of certain specific cells or enzymes or immunomodulatory chemicals which act as a shield in working certain pathogens to create diseases.    Ayurvedic immunity booster medicine works wonders when followed by immunity booster ayurvedic tips.

Just as your antivirus protects your computer from a virus attack, your body is protected from lethal diseases by our immune system. Therefore, you need to provide your body with an immune system booster. Choosing Ayurveda for it will be the best decision you ever made.

Ayurvedic Concepts Related To Immune System Functions

The Ayurveda immunity booster system is predominantly connected to the strength of our digestive system. However, immunity has multiple associations in Ayurveda, the most important being :

Bala (power) – Its basic preoccupation is the effectiveness in disease prevention by explaining our system's ability in repairment as well as nourishment.

Vyadhi Kshamathwa (resistance to illness)  refers to the basic function of our immune system, which prevents our body from various pathogens.

Ojas (supreme resilience)  — This is the essence of food we consume which further builds and nourishes our immune system and makes it stronger to win against pathogens. 

A healthy level of Ojas benefits in tissue nourishment, thereby securing your body from sudden unfavorable changes in your system leading to imbalance and opening to catching diseases. 

Ayurvedic Tips To Improve Immunity

Consume a healthy diet

Healthy eating is the main mantra to immunity booster. Plan your breakfast as a king, lunch as a knight, and dinner like a beggar. Consuming green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits like apples, pomegranates, bananas, and oranges are great for providing the body with everyday required nutrition and are good ayurvedic immunity booster products.

You need to:

  • Avoid consuming sugar, preservatives, and canned foods to get a natural immunity booster.
  • Avoid alcohol intake, high-calorie dinners, and fried stuff.
  • Use gluten-free products.
  • Consider foods entertaining a good percentage of dietary fiber in them, like brown bread or brown rice.
  • Include ayurvedic immunity-boosting spices such as coriander, turmeric, black pepper, and cumin in your diet.
  • For healthy skin and a good sleep cycle, you can try Saffola Immuniveda Golden Turmeric Milk Mix. This is a good ayurvedic immunity booster product.
  • Include healthy seasonings and seeds in your daily food.
  • Include green tea as a must for a healthy day and repeat a cup at least 30 minutes after every meal. This will improve the metabolism rate.

Meditate and exercise regularly 

Ayurveda for the immunity booster process stresses meditation and regular body movement, which keeps it active and stress-free. Here are a few tips. If followed regularly along with a proper diet can boost your immunity as well as physical and mental health.

  • Schedule your exercise at least 30 minutes a day, which can even include a walk.
  • Meditate for at least ten minutes a day. It boosts the antibodies and stimulates brain function as well.
  • Yogas like Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Anjaneyasana (Low lunge pose), Shalabasana (Locust Pose), Krupa Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose on Elbows) too positively affect the immune system and, if performed regularly, can be extremely beneficial. It is one of the most important keys to getting natural immunity booster.
  • One can also practice pranayama, the ancient ayurvedic habit of redirecting pranic energy through the breath proved to be a great immune system booster.

Get a good night's sleep.

A healthy day can only begin with sleep after a long hard day. During our sleep, the immune system releases proteins called cytokines. If the process gets disrupted, it might negatively impact your body indulging in:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes 
  • Heart problems

Ayurvedic for immunity recommends at least 8 hours of sleep for the proper regeneration of the immune cells. Therefore, a healthy sleep schedule is the most effective immunity booster.

Detox regularly

Ayurveda considers undigested foods the worst toxins spreader among the body, which negatively affects the immune system and makes it weak. In addition, if they remain stored in the body, the toxins become a breeding ground for pathogens causing infections and illness. 

Considerations can be made for the following to detox:

  • Consumption of good amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially rich in fiber. Select organic ones.
  • Drink plenty of water as it is the most natural form of a detoxifier.
  • Include at least 2-3 cups of green tea as your after-meal drink.
  • Add a bowl of salad and yogurt to your meal.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Have the Saffola Immuniveda Kadha Mix for calming your system.

There are several forms in which an immunity booster comes – natural source or medical.

Mind And Its Effect On Immunity

Several types of research conducted by Psychoneuroimmunology have shown how excessive anger, worry, stress, anxiety, sadness, and exertion threaten the immune system. In addition, the disruption in the central nervous system as an effect of all this might also affect your overall immunity.

Factors That Add Negatively To Our Immunity

Irregular eating habits and unhealthy diet

An Unhealthy diet and not maintaining a proper time of meals disrupt a sound digestive process and decrease your metabolism rate. An immunity booster can help recover us. However, it prevents us from getting an immunity booster.

Regular alcohol intake

Regular intake of alcohol impairs immunity-building cells and causes blood sludging by clumping together blood vessels and reducing oxygen flow to many organs. The limitation of oxygen flow to organs disrupts the immune system.

An immunity booster ayurvedic dose can significantly reduce addiction.

Disruption in the sleep cycle

An irregular sleep cycle or varying sleep patterns can disrupt immune cells' regeneration and weaken them. Immunity booster ayurvedic medicine helps to live and sleep better.

Stress and anxiety

An increase reduces the focus on system nourishment in the cortisol level in blood which is, in turn, some of those negative effects of anxiety and stress.


Less water intake might hamper the removal of toxins and reduce the effectiveness of the body's resistance mechanism.

Excess weight gain

Obesity is an indicator of a low rate of metabolism and hormonal dysfunction, negatively affecting our immune system considering Ayurveda's stresses on digestion.

Factors That Help Augment Immunity In Ayurveda

  1. A finely balanced diet
  2. Inclusion of fiber-rich food items
  3. Regular exercise, yoga, and meditation are unparalleled immune system boosters.
  4. The inclusion of various healthy spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, olive leaf, amla, etc., helps your body tackle bacteria that affect your immune system.  
  5. Plan your regular detox through ayurvedic detox methods.
  6. Timely sleep, which should be at least 8 hours
  7. Consider consuming herbs like ashwagandha and amla at least 3-4 times a week.
  8. Ayurvedic treatments like Navara Kizhi and Pizhichil

5 Ayurvedic Remedies For Improving Immunity

  1. Start your day with immunity boosters ayurvedic products like tulsi, pippali, ginger, ashwagandha, mulethi, or amla. These are regarded as the best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine. You can extract the juices and make yourself a herbal tea or use it accordingly as per your choice. 
  2. Include ayurvedic immunity-boosting spices like turmeric and black pepper in your daily meals to boost immunity and reduce toxins. Also, try taking golden milk or turmeric milk. It is a great element for the immunity booster.
  3. Stay well hydrated throughout the day. Drink plenty of lukewarm water, which will help secure a moist throat and mucous membrane, Thereby acting as a barrier to pathogens.
  4. Make the intake of chyawanprash and 15 ml of amla juice daily. These are rich in antioxidants and make the immune system strong.
  5. Practice Nasya daily, apply a few simple drops of ghee or coconut oil in your nostrils, which would be beneficial in preventing the entrance of infections.

      What Should Be Avoided For A Healthy Immune System?

      Since almost 70% of the immune system predominates our digestive tract, keeping your digestive system healthy is extremely important.

      • Consume freshly cooked home food. Avoid consuming cooked foods kept for a long period. Eat fresh. It is a great step towards the immunity booster.
      • Avoid eating refrigerated or stored foods.
      • Avoid using foods with preservatives and artificial colors.
      • Avoid the intake of red meat and usage of any processed meats like bacon, sausage, etc.
      • Avoid stressing out. Practice doing yoga or exercise instead.
      • Avoid irregular sleep plans and different diet timings.


      Ayurvedic texts stressed Dinacharya (simple daily routine) and Rutucharya (seasonal routines) to align with the forces of nature, thereby securing good health and immunity. Thus a weakened immune system can regain its strength by sticking to a healthy lifestyle considering all the above points. Ayurvedic immunity is the ultimate remedy. 

      You get a lot of immunity booster Ayurvedic products and immunity booster Ayurvedic medicine over the counter. India is the land of Ayurveda, and you can get the best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine in India. You can choose from the range of ayurvedic immunity booster products and ayurvedic medicine for immunity from any ayurvedic stores near you. So stay healthy and stay happy!


      What are the signs of a weakened immune system?

      Falling prey to infections frequently like skin, respiratory, and fungal infections or delayed wound healing, anxiety, fatigue, and a weak digestive system are signs of weak immunity. However, it could also be a sign of weak immunity. A CBP (complete blood profile) test can help you test the strength of your immune system by measuring White Blood Cells count, which is responsible for fighting pathogens.

      What are some factors that affect our immunity negatively, as per Ayurveda?

      An erratic, irregular, or unhealthy lifestyle is the main reason behind a weak immune system. This includes:

      • Overthinking, stressing out, and anxiety
      • Untimely, unhygienic junk foods, cold foods, or spicy and processed foods
      • Skipping exercises, yoga, and meditation
      • Excess strain to eyes and other senses
      • Regular alcohol intake and chain-smoking
      • Erratic sleep schedule - staying awake late at night.
      • Obesity
      • Dehydration
      • Lack of attention towards detoxification.

      Can anxiety weaken our immunity system? How can we manage anxiety and other negative thoughts?

      Sustained release of cortisol due to anxiety suppresses the White Blood Cells count, thus causing a weakening of your immune system over time. 

      It is possible to manage anxiety by taking care of the following in your daily routine.

      • Yoga and Pranayama 
      • Meditation
      • Healthy diet
      • Proper night sleep 
      • Exercise
      • Sunlight 

      You can also take regular massages with Ayurvedic body massage oils to help your body release stress. In addition, they are good as immune system boosters.

      What ayurvedic herbs help in strengthening the immune system? What is the correct way to take them?

      Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Guduchi(Tinospora), Neem, Amla, Bhringraj, Triphala, Spirulina, Ginger, and Pepper are the known Ayurvedic herbs and spices that help in strengthening the immune system and acting as an immune system booster. 

      You can extract juice from these natural immunity boosters at home or buy them readymade in powdered form for intake with honey or boiled in water (can be made into a herbal tea) — best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine.

      What are the best ayurvedic immunity boosters?

      Amla - Being one of the richest sources of vitamin C is the best immune system booster and the best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can rejuvenate and revitalize the body systems. Raw consumption is highly recommended.

      Ginger - is loaded with anti-microbial compounds that help fight infections and boost immunity. It also aids digestion and helps with respiratory ailments such as cold, cough, pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis.

      Tulsi - helps with respiratory tract infections such as cough, cold, sore throat, and asthma. In addition, fresh tulsi juice taken twice a day boosts health. It has anti-infection properties and thus acts as a good immune system booster.

      Black Pepper - This herb increases the production of T-cells, which help fight infections. It is both an antioxidant and an antibacterial agent, especially the piperine, that detoxifies the lung and thus contributes to the overall immunity-boosting backed by Ayurveda.