5 Exercises For Weight Loss That Will Change Your Life

5 Exercises For Weight Loss That Will Change Your Life

 When it comes to losing weight, there are two things that will help - following a balanced diet and regularly working out. Out of these two, people fail to follow the latter because it is physically exhausting and not a lot of people stay consistent with it. This could also be because they're performing exercises that they don't really enjoy. Hence, we got you a list of weight loss exercises that will not only show you great results but also keep you motivated to be consistent with working out.

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Some weight reduction exercises have the ability to burn fat and build muscle mass more efficiently in comparison to other exercises. So when you're on your weight loss journey, you need to research fat loss workouts, try the exercises yourself and see how they make you feel before you get on with them. Besides, there are many factors that can affect how you shed weight through exercise. So you really have to think it through before you start building a workout session for yourself. And we're here to help you with a list of weight loss exercises that are fun to do and guarantee great results at the same time.

Benefits of Exercising:

Apart from losing weight, exercising on a daily have other health benefits too, here are some that you would like to know of.

1. Gives You Stronger Bones and Muscles:

You'd already know that as you age, your bones, muscles, and joints start to deteriorate if you aren't physically active. Hence, it is extremely important to keep your bones, muscles, and joints healthy by indulging in some light to moderate workout sessions on a daily. There are several muscle-strengthening activities that can effectively help in increasing or maintaining your muscle mass and strength.

2. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases:

When you perform 20 minutes of moderate exercise every single day, it may lower your risk of heart disease and stroke (1). Regularly working out can also help in reducing your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels (2).

3. Prevents Falling and Improves Daily Activities:

Every individual can struggle with daily activities like climbing a flight of stairs, walking for too long at grocery stores, playing around with kids, etc. But when you exercise daily, all of these activities among others can start to feel better. For older adults, just a few combinations of physical exercises like balance training, aerobics, muscle strengthening, etc., can aid in improving physical function and decreasing the risk of falls.

Weight-Reducing Exercises That You Must Try:

Now that you know of some health benefits of physical activity, here are some weight loss workouts that will help you slim down for sure.

1. Boxing:

If you're looking for a fat-loss workout, boxing can be one of the best. Boxing helps you build muscle and burn fat, all at the same time (3). Just spare 30 minutes a day for a good boxing session as it is a high-impact workout that shows great results in calorie burning.

2. Rope Jumping:

Now, a lot of people might not see the jumping rope as a weight loss activity, but it is surprisingly one of the best weight reduction exercises. Start slow with 5 to 10 minutes of rope jumping and eventually build it up to 30 minutes per day. Once you get consistent with 30 minutes of rope jumping, you will notice how effective it is to burn calories - all while jumping in the same position. Jumping rope can also work every muscle in your body, which is why it is considered the best exercise for weight loss.

3. Cycling:

If you love going outdoors to get your daily dose of physical activity, cycling will be a fun exercise for you. It is considered to be an ideal workout for weight loss as you can customise it the way you want and is also low-impact. Cycling can successfully assist in strengthening your knees and hamstrings other than just cutting down kilos. When you start to get regular with cycling at a high intensity, it can not only help with fat loss but also boost your metabolism and build muscle (4).

4. Swimming:

An exercise for weight loss that will never let you down is going for a swim. There are various swimming techniques that can help you burn calories in different ways. For example, if a person who weighs 70 kg performs backstroke, it can help them burn 28 calories while half an hour of butterfly and breaststroke can help them burn 372 and 409 calories. Swimming is also a great way to get a toned body and works best for people with joint issues or injuries.

5. Zumba:

For people who are looking to get a workout for weight loss but don't find exercising, in particular, to be that enjoyable, dance it off! That's right! Zumba is a type of interval training exercise that consists of low and high-intensity dancing steps that helps increase your heart rate and cardio endurance (5). Make sure to start cautiously and above all, dance your heart out for a good workout session. If you are someone who enjoys moving your body to music, Zumba can be one of the exercises to lose weight faster. When you enrol in a class, make sure to inform your teachers about your fitness level as well as health concerns if any so that they can customise the dance steps according to what your body needs.

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All in all, a workout for weight loss is always going to show you results, you just have to figure out which weight loss exercises work there best for you. Once you are thorough with your fat loss workout, being consistent and dedicated to the same will definitely help you manage your weight. But again, indulging in physical activity alone won't do all the magic if your diet is off the charts. Make sure you eat well-balanced and healthy meals every single day to pair up with weight reduction exercises and you will never look back.


  • What is the best time to exercise?

The best time to exercise is between 2 pm to 6 pm as your body's temperature is at its highest around this time. Exercising during these hours means your body is most ready and will potentially make your workout more successful.

  • How often should I exercise in order to lose weight?

You need to get at least 20 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every day or 75 minutes of high-intensity aerobic activity a week. Make sure to spread out your workout during the course of a week rather than being too hard on yourself 3 to 4 times a week.

  • Is exercise enough to lose weight?

Exercise for weight loss won't work excellently if you don't pair it with a healthy diet. Your body needs its fuel in the form of food in order to burn calories. So make wiser choices by picking foods that will help you shed weight along with a weight loss workout.

  • Is there anyone who should avoid weight loss exercises?

People who are suffering from heart disease, have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or have kidney disease should consult a health expert before performing any weight loss exercises.