Best Diet Plans For Weight Loss For Men & Women

Best Diet Plans For Weight Loss For Men & Women

A lot of you might have tried to get on weight loss plans that sometimes work out and sometimes don't. And one major reason behind the weight loss plan not working could be the lack of information on the same. Hence, we thought of jotting down a list of things about the weight loss diet plan, both for men and women.

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Let's be honest, shedding some weight and maintaining a healthy body is difficult, but it's absolutely worth all the hard work. A healthy body can help you cut down the risk of many health conditions like heart illnesses, diabetes, etc. In fact, obesity can put both men and women at high risk of chronic illnesses like anxiety and depression (1). Hence, you need to follow a weight loss diet plan that can not only help you slim down but also lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. And how do you do that? Simply by focusing on a healthy sustainable plan that nourishes your body, meets your specific needs, and can be followed through without unreasonable expectations.

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men and Women:

Before we give out some insight into meal plans for weight loss for both men and women, it's crucial to keep a few things in mind. To begin with, consider your personal preferences and needs. Some people may like structured diet programs, however, for others, it might not work out that well. Certain weight loss diet plans may require more time & effort into preparing, which may or may not suit men and women who have a tight schedule throughout the week. Make sure to avoid a diet plan for weight loss that demands eliminating entire food groups or is too restrictive. If you have any underlying health conditions, talk with your doctor before making any major changes in your eating habits.

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men:

Here is a list of weight loss plans that men should follow if they're looking to cut some kilos.

1. Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet:

Most men benefit from following a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet. WFPB diets aren't similar to vegan diets which exclude any kind of animal products. In fact, these diets include small amounts of animal products like eggs, fish, cheese, chicken, and yoghurt along with vegetables, fruits, and beans. WFPB diets are loaded with fiber and other important nutrients. For men, choosing this weight loss diet plan may also help reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart illnesses, and mental conditions among other ones (2).

2. Low-Carb Diets:

Low-carb diets can vary in carb content. Low-carb eating patterns may help boost weight loss in men and improve other aspects of their health (3). Diets that are more moderate in carbs are quite easy to maintain long-term than an extremely low-carb diet plan for weight loss. As men are more likely to have visceral fat in comparison to women, any diet that targets harmful types of body fat can improve men's health and reduce the risk of diseases. A low-carb weight loss diet plan for men can include meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, and non-gluten grains.

3. High Protein Diets:

The best diet to lose weight for men consists of increasing protein intake. Protein is the most filling macronutrient and so including it in your meal plan for weight loss will only help you keep satiated for longer durations. High-protein diets that include chicken, fish, eggs, lentils, and tofu are more effective for weight loss than low to moderate-protein diets. Men who follow a high-protein diet are more likely to be able to maintain a healthy weight than those who follow a diet that's low in protein. A high protein weight loss diet plan can be customizable based on your preferences as there is a variety of animal and plant-based food options available in the market.

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women:

Here are some weight loss plans for women who need to watch their weight.

1. Mediterranean Diet:

This is the best diet to lose weight for women who don't wish to follow an overly restrictive diet. A Mediterranean diet (4) is considered to be the healthiest as it involves vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and healthy fats like olive oil. Talking about olive oil, if you're looking for a better option, try the Saffola Aura Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a premium edible oil that is rich in mono-saturated fatty acids and has natural antioxidants. It has a rich and flavourful taste that can make any of your food dishes taste perfect. Processed foods, sugar-sweetened beverages, red meat, and refined grains are avoided in this meal plan for weight loss.

2. Low-Carb Diet:

Women who like structured diet plans that include straightforward guidelines will benefit from low-carb diet plans. Low-carb diets (5) may not be suitable for women with certain medical conditions or who are breastfeeding or pregnant. Overall, women who follow a low-carb diet will see an improvement in their hormone levels and menstrual regularity. This kind of weight loss plan works more effectively for short-term weight loss in comparison to low fat diets.

3. DASH diet:

The best diet to lose weight for women is the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet (6) which is an eating plan that revolves around lowering blood pressure levels in women. This diet motivates you to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, & foods that are high in added salt and sugar. So women who wish to lower the risk of obesity & excess belly fat can follow the DASH diet consistently to see some great results.


There are various diet plans for weight loss that target both men and women. All of them can help support long-term and sustainable weight loss. As we've mentioned above, make sure you choose a meal plan for you that suits your preferences and isn't too restrictive. Always talk to a healthcare professional before you make any intense changes to your diet, even if it's for weight management.


  • What are the best drinks to lose weight?

You can try the Saffola Fittify Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake - Assorted Pack. This assorted pack of meal replacement shake helps in weight loss for men and women. It consists of Swiss Chocolate, Alphonso Mango, Cookies & Cream, and Pistachio & Almond. You can pick any flavour of your choice and consume them regularly to see some great results. Apart from meal replacement shakes, you can rely on drinks like - green tea, black tea, water, apple cider vinegar drinks, ginger tea, high-protein drinks, and vegetable juices.

  • Are there any carbs you should avoid in order to lose weight?

If you're looking to slim down, you must avoid these high-carb foods:

- Bread

- Starchy vegetables

- Fat-free salad dressings

- Milk

  • Is there a recommended number of meals per day?

Western culture usually follows three square meals i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dieticians, however, suggest adding two snacks in the morning and afternoon to help your appetite control.

  • Does skipping meals help you lose weight?

Skipping meals will never be an effective strategy to lose weight. It is an unhealthy practice that will only lead to overeating. Consuming balanced meals throughout the day with healthy food items will prevent extreme hunger and keep your metabolism strong.