How Can Green Coffee Help You With Weight Loss?

How Can Green Coffee Help You With Weight Loss?

If you want to know why green coffee is beneficial for weight loss, then go through the blog now and read about how it helps in weight & how to prepare it.

Sipping on a cup of coffee at the start of every day works really well for a lot of people. And it also seems like a great idea to have coffee in the middle of the day when you start to feel drowsy but need to stay alert and productive. But what if we tell you that there is a type of coffee that can help with weight loss? Yes, you read that right! Green coffee is getting the light of the day for quite some time now and for all the right reasons. There are several benefits of green coffee for weight loss that you might not be aware of and this space will help you learn a lot about the same.

Green Coffee: What Is It?

Green coffee beans are literally regular coffee beans, the only difference being that they aren't roasted and remain raw. Green coffee bean extract is quite popularly used as a dietary supplement. You can buy green coffee in whole-bean form and use it to make your hot beverage, just like your usual black coffee. Green coffee won't taste like roasted coffee as it is much milder in flavour. So expect it to taste like herbal tea and coffee.

Key Components of Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee beans are a complex combination of polysaccharides, lipids, monosaccharides, sterols, fatty acids, phenolic and polyphenolic acids, alkaloids, proteins, free amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

Green Coffee Benefits

Contrary to ordinary coffee, green coffee beans aren't roasted, giving them a higher concentration of chlorogenic acid, which is said to offer several health benefits. Instead of tasting like roasted coffee, it has a softer flavour that is somewhat reminiscent of herbal tea. Additionally, it has less caffeine than its roasted equivalent. Here are the detailed benefits of green coffee beans:

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Due to their ability to promote weight loss, green coffee beans are highly valued as a supplement. Evidence suggests that the presence of chlorogenic acid aids in the body's ability to burn fat and glucose reduces the absorption of carbohydrates, prevents blood sugar spikes, and keeps lipid levels in check. Green coffee is believed to speed up metabolism, burn fat, and help you keep a healthy weight. Thus green coffee weight loss benefits are known worldwide.

2. Helps Fight Chronic Diseases

Based on preliminary research, it is believed that the chlorogenic component in green coffee can help people manage their weight as well as lower their risk of developing certain chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, etc (1).

3. Fight Against Free Radicals

Antioxidants present in green coffee beans aid in battling harmful free radicals that can cause serious diseases. Hence, apart from green coffee benefits for weight loss, it is a saviour if you frequently catch a cold or another ailment.

4. Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Level

The beneficial chlorogenic acids in green coffee beans can lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Along with helping to improve blood sugar levels and decreasing the chance of developing type 2 diabetes, it also notably lowers inflammation and fat buildup (2).

5. Regulates Blood Pressure 

Along with green coffee weight loss benefits, it is also believed to significantly lower blood pressure and improve heart health. The blood vessels are thought to widen, and cortisol levels—a stress hormone known to increase blood pressure—are thought to be lower. To maintain good blood pressure levels, it is advantageous to routinely consume green coffee.

6. Have Anti-ageing Effects

Green coffee bean extract is a rich source of chlorogenic acids, which have antioxidant properties. This encourages the growth of new skin cells, thus reducing the signs of wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, green coffee extracts are commonly utilised in skincare products that protect the skin from damaging UV rays and leave it free from blemishes.

7. Lifts Mood

Green coffee is a restorative beverage that improves psychomotor and cognitive function. Caffeine's high concentration boosts the release of dopamine, which is known to improve mood, focus, alertness, and cognitive function. Additionally, it enhances athletic ability and endurance while regulating blood pressure.

8. Detoxifier

The inherent detoxifying properties of the green coffee bean aid in the removal of toxins, pollutants, extra fat, and cholesterol from the body. The immune system is supported and improved by consuming this energising beverage, which also improves overall health and well-being.

9. Help in Avoiding Overeating 

Green coffee beans help keep us robust and healthy. Green coffee beans also regulate food cravings, which can be avoided or reduced by using them.m We can break the tendency of overeating by consuming the recommended amount of green coffee beans. Gaining weight and a host of other ailments can be brought on by overeating.

How Does Green Coffee Help With Weight Loss?

Green coffee for weight loss may work as it contains chlorogenic acid, which is a compound that can help with cutting down some kilos. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee is said to melt unwanted fat in your body, which helps with weight loss. This acid can also aid in amping up Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which helps reduce glucose from your liver into the bloodstream. Instead of glucose, your body begins to burn excess fat which in turn helps with shedding weight. So if you're someone who overeats or finds it difficult to practice portion control while eating meals, consuming green coffee for weight loss can seem helpful. Just like roasted coffee, green coffee can also suppress your appetite and help you put a stop to overeating. That being said, green coffee alone won't help with cutting down weight. You need to maintain a healthy diet and indulge in regular physical activities in order to see evident results.

Preparation of Green Coffee for Weight Loss:

Before gaining the benefits of green coffee for weight loss, you need to learn how to prepare it. Here are the steps to make yourself a nice cup of green coffee.

Step 1: Take 1/2'1 teaspoon of green coffee powder in a cup.

Step 2: Pour a cup of hot water over it.

Step 3: Let it sit for 5-6 minutes.

Step 4: Strain the mixture and add a pinch of cinnamon powder to make it taste better.

If you wish to invest in green coffee powder, we suggest you try the Saffola Fittify Green Coffee - Classic. It is a mix that is made from the pure green coffee extract which is high in antioxidants, and is made from unroasted coffee beans. This instant beverage mix also promotes wellness and comes in four variants: Classic, Classic Strong, Lemon Mint, and Lemongrass Lavender. You can drink green coffee before taking meals for 1-2 months consistently to see some results.

Precautions and Potential Green Coffee Side Effects

1. Caffeine Related Issues

Although a cup of green coffee only has about 20 mg of caffeine, compared to a cup of regular coffee's 100 mg, this amount of caffeine is still enough to cause headaches, anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, and other difficulties.

2. Risk of Osteoporosis 

Excessive consumption of green coffee can result in calcium deficiency because the body would lose calcium through the urine. It might eventually lead to serious illnesses like osteoporosis.

3. Agitation, Nausea, and Vomiting

Green coffee contains caffeine, which can aggravate your stomach lining and result in nausea and vomiting. Caffeine is also a nervous system stimulant, which means it could make you feel anxious and restless.

4. Can Shoot Blood Pressure

Drinking green coffee might not be a smart idea if you already have blood pressure problems. Yes, drinking too much green coffee can raise your blood pressure. Consequently, it is advised to consume this beverage in moderation.

5. Nursing and Expecting Women

Doctors advise against coffee use for women who are nursing or pregnant.


Now that you know that green coffee beans for weight loss can help, you can switch your usual coffee with green coffee if you're a fan of herbal tea/coffee flavours. Anything that promotes weight loss only helps when you take it consistently for a few weeks along with maintaining a good diet and regularly working out. So if you want green coffee to work in your favour, make sure you alter what you eat and keep yourself physically active throughout the day.

FAQs on Green Coffee:

  • Is it safe for everyone to drink green coffee?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid drinking green coffee. People dealing with anxiety, osteoporosis, bleeding disorders, diabetes, and diarrhea should not consume green coffee on a daily basis as it can worsen their state.

  • Do green coffee beans cost a lot of money?

Unroasted coffee beans are usually cheaper in comparison to roasted coffee beans. This is because the seller doesn't invest a lot of time and effort into roasting the green coffee beans for the consumers.

  • What is the shelf life of unroasted coffee beans?

You can store green coffee for up to 12 months without losing its flavour and aroma. Just make sure you're storing the unroasted coffee beans in a stable, cool, dark, and pest-free environment.

  • What is the taste of green coffee?

As mentioned earlier, green coffee has a much lighter and milder taste, unlike regular coffee. When you correctly make green coffee, it has a thickness with a grassy taste to it which is a tad bit similar to herbal green tea. Green coffee is also more acidic as compared to roasted coffee. So if you're wondering, "is green coffee good for weight loss?" it definitely is, when you have it with healthy foods.

  • How to pick the right green coffee?

When you wish to pick the right green coffee, you need to make sure you're choosing the right flavour profiles that you like the most. If you're someone who likes sweet things, you can look for green coffee with flavours like berry, caramel, and chocolate. You can also look for the level of acidity in green coffee. If your green coffee is more acidic, it tastes cleaner, crisper, and more refreshing.

  • How should I store the Green Coffee?

Store your green coffee in a cool, dark, and dry place which is away from heat and sunlight. Make sure you're keeping it in a neutral-smelling environment and away from any source of humidity.

  • What happens if I consistently consume green coffee?

Green coffee can have negative effects from caffeine overuse, including headaches, anxiety, agitation, and irregular pulse.

  • How to drink green coffee for weight loss?

It is advised to drink 2 to 3 hours before or after meals. It's because eating carbohydrates and proteins causes your blood sugar levels to rise.

  • Which is better: coffee or green coffee?

Despite coming from the same plant, green coffee beans have been demonstrated to have more positive effects on both physical and mental health. This is primarily because roasting the beans destroys the majority of the vitamins, minerals, and chemical components that make coffee beans pharmacologically active.

  • Is green coffee good for hair?

Green coffee beans’ fermented extracts, which possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics helps promotes hair growth.

  • Is green coffee good at night?

Avoid drinking green coffee after midnight because it could make you lose sleep.