Steel-Cut Oats or Regular Oats

Which Are Better: Steel Cut Oats vs Rolled Oats To Add To Your Breakfast?

Oats are one of the best and healthiest breakfast items to consider if you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. They're very versatile, so you will never run out of ideas to cook oats. There are some things you need to know about oats in general, read on to know more.
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Raw oats can be prepared in many ways to make them edible for consumption, two of which are steel-cut oats and rolled oats. Steel-cut oats are usually the least processed form as compared to rolled oats or oat flakes that undergo more processing and flattening through steel drums. So to decide between steel-cut oats vs rolled oats takes a little more knowledge of the two types. There are separate benefits attached to both these kinds of oats along with a difference in their nutritional values too. So let's give you an insight into the same.

Steel-Cut Vs Rolled Oats: Meaning

What Are Steel-Cut Oats?

Steel-cut oats are also known as pinhead oats. They derive their name from how the whole oat is chopped into two or three-pin head sizes. Steel-cut oats are considered whole grains. These kinds of oats are minimally processed and they usually require a higher cooking time. The larger size of the steel-cut oats makes them take longer to digest and hence they have a lower glycemic index in comparison to other kinds of oats. 

What Are Rolled Oats?

Rolled oats are partially cooked forms of oat groats. They have been strained and flattened to make them achieve a soft texture. They have a lesser cooking time in comparison to steel-cut oats. This form of oats can be cooked in nearly five minutes and they are also termed as Old fashioned oats. They are the most preferred ingredient in granola bars, muffins, etc. 

Steel-Cut Oats Vs Rolled Oats: Benefits

Benefits of Steel-Cut Oats

If you didn't know about the health benefits that steel-cut oats hold, here is a list for you.

1. Helps You Manage Weight

Steel-cut oats are loaded with fiber that can help you feel full for long hours. So the more you feel satisfied, the less you tend to eat throughout the day. So if you're thinking of including steel-cut oats in your breakfast menu, we'd say it's quite a great idea considering it can help you manage your weight.

Manage Weight

2. May Aid in Improving Gut Health

One of the significant things to notice between steel-cut oats vs rolled oats is that the former may have potential prebiotic properties. Prebiotics (1) can aid in maintaining a healthy digestive function by promoting the growth of good bacteria in your digestive tract.

3. Provides Your Body With Plant Protein

Another difference between steel-cut and rolled oats is that steel-cut oats have a good amount of plant protein. This can help you gain more muscle-building protein. You might want to consider turning steel-cut oats into a breakfast staple as they can help your body achieve tons of plant protein.

Benefits of Rolled Oats

There are some health benefits linked to regular oats too. Here are some that you should know of.

1. They're Nutritious

Apart from the calories, there's not much difference between steel-cut oats and regular oats. So even rolled oats can provide you with a good amount of fiber and carbohydrates that include the powerful fiber beta-glucan (2). Regular oats also provide you with high protein and fat in comparison to other grains. Oats, in general, are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant plant compounds. So you can consider rolled oats as nutrient-dense food too.

2. They Can Help Lower Cholesterol Levels

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, and high blood cholesterol is the main risk factor for them. The beta-glucan fiber that is found in regular oats can help lower total and LDL cholesterol levels (3). Oxidation of bad cholesterol occurs when it reacts with free radicals that can cause artery inflammation, increased risk of heart attacks, etc. Eating rolled oats regularly can benefit you as they contain antioxidants that work in collaboration with vitamin C to prevent bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol Levels

3. They Can Improve Athletic Performance

As mentioned above, there's not much debate between rolled oats vs steel cut oats. oats are a good source of carbohydrates, protein, calories, and energy. And an improved metabolism can increase your performance. So if you're an athlete, you can consume oats 45 minutes to an hour before moderate-intensity exercise to improve your performance.

Difference Between Steel-Cut Oats And Rolled Oats

You can understand the difference between steel-cut oats and rolled it through the following points

  • Texture 

Steel-cut oats are pinhead pieces of the whole oat grain and therefore they are coarser and grittier in texture when compared to rolled oats which are much softer. 

  • Processing 

Steel-cut oats are the least processed form of oats whereas rolled oats have undergone some form of processing in the form of flattening through steel drums. (4)

  • Cooking Time

Steel-cut oats take longer to cook as compared to rolled oats. A bowl of steel-cut oats will take approximately 15-20 minutes to cook whereas rolled oats can be cooked in 2-3 minutes. 

Nutritional Facts of Steel-Cut Oats and Rolled Oats

The nutritional value of steel-cut oats and rolled-out is quite impressive as they are the least processed forms of the whole oat grain (5). 

Nutritional Info

Steel-cut oats

Rolled oats


150 g



5 g

5 g


2.5 g

2.5 g


27 g

27 g


4 g

4 g


0 g

0 g

6 Simple Ways to Consume Oats in Your Daily Diet

There are several ways to consume oats, so you'll never get bored of having oats in just a few ways. We've listed some ways to include oats in your daily diet below.

1. Pancakes and Waffles

You can include both steel-cut oats and rolled oats in your breakfast by making them into healthy pancakes and waffles with veggies of your choice. Simply add oats to wheat flour with some salt to taste and cook up satisfying multigrain pancakes to keep you satiated for a long time.

2. Savoury Muffins

If you're not big on sweet muffins, you can make some savoury ones by switching your regular flour with oats. Muffins are quite delightful and taste even better when oats are included in the recipe. Oats muffins can make baked goods chewy and delicious. You can also top your baked muffins with more oats to add a tad bit of texture.

3. Snack Bars

Ever tried oats in snack bars? They're classic, timeless, and a much healthier option that you can relish on days when you feel like eating something sweet but healthy. You can even eat snack bars as a midday pick-me-up option. If you're looking to invest in steel-cut oats to make snack bars, we highly recommend you try the Saffola Fittify High Protein Steel Cut Oats. They're made from 100% natural whole-grain oats that are high in protein and fiber. They are also filled with iron, phosphorus, and vitamin B1. Steel-cut oats are low in sodium that can help you reduce cholesterol levels.

4. Oats Upma

This is an appetising breakfast option and can be consumed as a midday snack as well. 


  • Rolled oats (one cup)
  • Water 
  • Curry leaves 
  • Mustard oil 
  • Cashew 
  • Urad dal
  • Chana dal
  • Salt 
  • Red chilli
  • Ginger 
  • Green chilli 


Dry roast the rolled oats till they turn crisp. keep them aside. Take some mustard oil in a pan and add curry leaves, ginger, and green chilli to it. After some time add a spoon full of urad dal and chana dal. Sprinkle some water and then let the mixture simmer. Add roasted rolled oats to the pan and then add half a cup of water to it. Cook for a minute or two till no extra moisture is left.

5. Overnight Oats

This is a no-cook recipe and tastes like a dream. All you have to do is soak rolled oats in milk or juice at your discretion. You can top that up with chopped walnuts, dates, almonds, and other nuts. You can also add a sweeter of your choice if you want. Refrigerate it overnight and your healthy breakfast is ready. You can even take it to work in a mason jar. 

6. Steel-cut oats khichdi 

This can be prepared as a healthy lunch or dinner option. 


  • Steel cut oats (one cup)
  • Urad Dal (1 cup) 
  • Mustard oil 
  • Ginger garlic paste 
  • Hing 
  • Bay leaves 
  • Onions 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Turmeric 
  • Salt
  • Capsicum (chopped)
  • Carrots (chopped) 
  • Water 


Take a cooker and add steel-cut oats and dak to it. Wash it a few times and let it sit in water for some time. Take a heavy-bottomed pan and add mustard oil to it. Put in bay leaves, curry leaves, hing, etc. Add onions and then put in the ginger garlic paste. After that add the vegetables of your choice and then saute the mixture. Add the pre-soaked steel-cut oats and dal to the cooker and put in some water. Cook for a few minutes, check the salt, and your khichdi is ready.


As there's not much difference between steel-cut oats and rolled oats, you can include any of them in your daily diet as both will have the same benefit on your health. Oats are quite versatile and can be made in many different ways, so you'll never run out of ideas to make oats for breakfast or even a meal. Food is the best way to build health and oats just happen to be an easy yet delicious option to stay fit and fine.

FAQs on Steel-Cut Oats And Rolled Oats

  • Which oat can help in weight loss?

Both steel-cut and rolled oats are nutritious and filling which can ultimately help with managing weight. Try to avoid processed or instant oatmeal and also don't add too much sugar to your oats in order to manage weight.

  • Can I eat oatmeal daily?

Yes, you sure can! Eating oatmeal every day is going to give your body a lot of health benefits and nutrition. It can help with staying in shape and also reduce the risk of heart disease by maintaining cholesterol levels. Oatmeal is, in fact, a better option than other processed food items.

  • Do oats contain protein?

Oats have as high as 11-15% of protein content in them. That's the reason why oats are considered to be a potential source of low-cost protein with great nutritional value.

  • What kind of oatmeal is good for diabetic patients?

Between steel-cut oats vs rolled oats, you can choose old-fashioned or steel-cut oats if you're diabetic as they contain a higher amount of soluble fiber that helps your body better regulate blood sugar. They're also minimally processed to slow your digestion.

  • Who should not eat oatmeal?

It is advisable for people with irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach issues to avoid eating oatmeal. The benefits of steel-cut oats or the benefits of rolled oats are of no use to people with celiac disease as they must not consume gluten. 

  • Can I eat oats at night?

Yes. Rolled oats or steel-cut oats are full of complex carbohydrates which will keep you full and satiated throughout the night. Furthermore, oats also contain melatonin which aids sleep and therefore they are ideal for nighttime consumption. 

  • Can I eat oats in the morning empty stomach?

Yes, oats are good for consumption on an empty stomach. They are full of fibre and therefore they set your digestive process in proper motion. Furthermore, they will coat the lining of your stomach to prevent irritation caused by the naturally produced hydrochloric acid in your body.

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