Finding A Balance Between Work and Fitness

Finding A Balance Between Work and Fitness

Having a balance between Work and Fitness has become really important with the kind of lifestyle we live in. Here we are sharing a few easy fitness tips for working individuals.

Work-Fitness balance has started becoming a part of the work culture at various companies. Employers and employees have started understanding the importance of work-life balance for overall fitness and well-being. Balancing work and exercise routines might feel difficult to most individuals who have busy work schedules but the art of doing the same can be learned with easy tips and tricks.

Importance of Work-Life Balance

Having a Work-Life balance comes with loads of benefits. Right from healthy personal relationships to happy work life to healthy living; everything can be easily achieved when you have a perfect Work-Life balance.

A few of the benefits of having a Work-Life balance include:

  • Lesser health problems
  • Higher productivity at work
  • Lesser amount of stress
  • Better focus at work
  • Healthy living
  • Job satisfaction
  • Good physical health
  • Good mental health
  • Broadening your perspective
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Having better clarity on things
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Reduced healthcare expenses
  • Better sleep hygiene and so on.

Challenges in Balancing Work and Fitness

With benefits come challenges to achieve that perfect Work-Life balance. With the super busy work culture that most of us have, finding time for routine workouts or quick exercises has also become so difficult. Be it men or women; both have their own set of challenges when it comes to finding time for fitness along with work. A few common challenges faced by individuals when trying to balance Work and Fitness are:

  • Work culture of the company you are working in
  • Company policy
  • Not having a work culture that encourages fitness, health, and overall well-being
  • Having Imposter Syndrome (struggling to believe or having self-doubts if you deserve the success that you are getting in turn leading to overworking)
  • Feeling insecure about your job
  • Everyday hustles
  • Unclear work priorities
  • Feeling overloaded with work
  • Not understanding the importance of work-life balance
  • Inability to keep your personal and professional life separate
  • Lack of motivation

Strategies for Finding the Perfect Balance

Staying fit doesn’t not only mean finding time to exercise during the day. Nutrition is equally important to stay fit and achieve healthy living. A few tips for balancing work and fitness in a busy schedule and finding that perfect balance include:

  • Improve your daily commute (Choose a bicycle over a car to reach your workplace).
  • Take the 10,000-step challenge.
  • Choose stairs over the escalator or elevator.
  • Do not skip your breakfast.
  • Adapt simple and easy-to-make breakfast options like Saffola FITTIFY Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake to provide adequate nutrition and also keep you full for a longer period. These shakes are rich in protein, vitamins, fibre, minerals, and other essential vitamins that provide numerous health benefits.
  • Choose nutritious snacking options like nuts, dried fruits, peanut butter (as a dip or add it to your shakes), soybean-based preparation, etc. for your meals or snacking options at your workplace.
  • Boost your energy levels with Saffola Fittify the Perfekt Gummies for Daily Energy Boost.
  • Use a variety of Saffola Fittify Gummies that help improve bone health, improve skin health, promote weight loss, build immunity, improve eye health, fight fatigue, promote better sleep, support a healthy gut, promote fat burn, relieve anxiety, and so on.
  • Count your calorie intake
  • Practice desk exercises at work.
  • Keep flexible hours to exercise during the day
  • Brisk walk during your short breaks at work.
  • Do some yoga or stretching exercises at the workplace.
  • Use Saffola Fittify Apple Cider Vinegar to promote healthy weight loss.

Making Fitness a Priority

Make fitness your priority as it not only keeps health problems away but also:

  • Improves your mental health
  • Improves your memory
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Helps manage anxiety
  • Improves overall well-being
  • Boosts your mood
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Helps weight management and prevent risks associated with excess weight gain or obesity
  • Helps you focus better
  • Improves bone health
  • Supports muscle strengthening, etc.

Creating an Active Work Environment

Make sure you find different ways to incorporate exercises at your workplace. Be it in the form of short yoga sessions, brisk walks during the break, breathing exercises, desk exercises, or team workout sessions on a Friday evening; finding time for exercises at the workplace is something everyone should try doing.

Mindset and Motivation

Having discussed all the benefits, challenges, and tips to achieve Work-Fitness balance; everything is useless if the individual lacks the right kind of mindset and motivation needed to exercise daily or make smaller changes in his/her routine to promote healthy living and a Work-Fitness balance. So, motivate yourself with either a pep-talk or finding a workout buddy to exercise with.

Overcoming Barriers and Excuses

It's very easy to make excuses to not do something but overcoming the barriers and taking up the challenge to achieve something is difficult but the right thing to do at times. Change your excuses to words of motivation to take a step toward fitness and healthy living.


Knowing how advantageous is Work-Fitness Balance, motivate yourself and incorporate tips to find the balance between work and fitness. However busy your work life is, find a way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine along with healthy nutrition to achieve that perfect balance. Most importantly prioritize and do not let your work life overpower your personal life and your health.

Remember Work to Live, Do Not Live to Work.

FAQs on Balance Between Work and Fitness

  • How can I find time to exercise when I have a demanding work schedule?

    The key to this is prioritizing your health and knowing the benefits of routine workouts and fitness. Simple changes like desk exercises, yoga asanas, breathing exercises, and brisk walking at the workplace work well when struggling to find time to exercise when having a demanding work schedule.
  • How can I maintain a fitness routine on the go if I travel frequently for work?

    To maintain a fitness routine on the go when travelling frequently for work make sure you exercise during the short breaks that you get in between your work schedule, use bicycles as commute, try brisk walking whenever possible, choose healthy eating, and easy-to-make meal replacement shakes to fill in for your nutrition gaps.
  • How can I create a work environment that promotes fitness?

    To create a work environment that promotes fitness make sure you take the initiative yourself to workout at the workplace, encourage team sports activities and fitness challenges amongst employees, arrange yoga or relaxation sessions at the end of the week, and provide sufficient space to workout at the office, place commonly used machines like printers far from the desk, suggest changes in company policy to adapt work culture that encourages fitness, and healthy living.