Immunity Kadha

How Kadha Can Help in Boosting Immunity?

Kadha is one such decoction that has been talked about for years, and for all the right reasons. A herbal tea made with various natural herbs that benefit your health in many ways is something that must gain all the popularity. You’ll learn all about kadha and how it can help strengthen your immune system in this article.

If you belong to an Indian household, you might be accustomed to drinking or at least listening to all the kadha benefits from either your grandmother or mother. Whether you get a runny nose, sore throat, or dry cough,a kadha can be an easy solution to help you feel better from all of it. In fact, kadha for immunity works the best if you're someone who is dealing with a weak immune system or falling sick quite often. There are a lot of benefits of kadha that you must know of and if you don't know yet, the below-mentioned list will definitely help.

But for starters, let us tell you what a kadha is and how it is made? 

Kadha, also known as herbal tea, is basically a mixture of various herbs that can aid in boosting your immunity. In India,a kadha is mainly prepared using ingredients that help your body heal and feel refreshed. The main ingredients that make this healthy yet tasty decoction are tulsi, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, honey or jaggery, and lemongrass.

1. Tulsi:

It is loaded with Vitamin C (1) and Zinc (2) and contains anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that help keep your infections at bay.

2. Ginger:

Ginger can help you stay away from infections too as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can even help in easing out discomfort that you feel during digestion.


3. Turmeric:

This well-known spice contains curcumin that has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce infections and inflammation. Turmeric is also known to help manage irritable bowel syndrome as well as protect against liver conditions.

4. Black Pepper:

This spice can help kill inflammation-causing infections along with improving digestion and metabolism. It can also aid in reducing asthma, and weight management while helping in boosting your body's immunity.

5. Cinnamon:

Commonly known as dalchini, cinnamon possesses amazing antioxidant properties that help kill the infection in your body and boost immunity. It can also aid in increasing metabolism as well as brain function.

6. Cloves:

Cloves can help give your immunity a big boost as it is filled with antioxidants and can fight free radicals. It contains antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.

7. Honey or Jaggery:

Honey or small quantities of jaggery can help you balance out the flavour in your kadha. Apart from that, both have antioxidant properties that can aid in fighting bacteria and also boost the immune system.


8. Lemongrass:

This herb is loaded with antioxidants too that can help in fighting cough and cold. It aids in regulating blood pressure and can also help manage cholesterol levels in your body.

Now that you know a little about all the ingredients and their benefits, let us tell you more about the benefits of drinking kadha.

Benefits of Drinking Kadha For Boosting Immunity:

1. It Helps In Improving Digestion:

Immunity-boosting kadha is highly recommended if you wish to improve your digestion. This is because the kadha drink can help strengthen the Agni (the proverbial digestive fire that breaks down food in your system and turns it into energy and free radicals). When you regularly consume kadha, it helps manage issues like constipation, acidity, etc.


2. It Helps Supports Respiratory Health:

Pollution, lack of physical activity, and cough can wear out your lungs. If you find yourself gasping for breath after climbing a flight of stairs or running a little, you must start drinking kadha for immunity. It has the ability to help improve symptoms of occasional infections that mess with your respiratory tract and can aid in relieving cough.

3. It Helps Relieves Cough, Cold and Sore Throat:

One of the well-known kadha benefits is that it can fight infections that cause cough, cold and sore throat. It does this as it is made with herbs and spices that can naturally boost your immunity and fight free radicals in your body.

4. It Helps in Managing Weight:

If you're someone who struggles with shredding down some kilos, you should consider the kadha drink for regular consumption. At times, the issue with losing weight can be slow metabolism. You can improve it by drinking kadha. It can effectively help flush out toxins that cause problems to your digestive health. Once you have your metabolism and digestive health in place, achieving your fitness goal won't be an issue. In fact, the ingredients that are used in kadha for immunity can also help burn excess fat when you combine it with the right kind of exercise and a healthy diet.

Weight management

5. It Aids in Improving Immunity:

As the weather keeps changing, it is likely for you to fall sick every now and then. This is when you can rely on the benefits of kadha as the ingredients present in this drink can help destroy free radicals in order to prevent various kinds of infections. As the kadha drink is packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins, it can also aid in strengthening your immunity.

Talking about immunity booster kadha, we'd suggest you try Saffola Immuniveda Kadha as it is made with herbs that can help support your respiratory health, help in relieving cough, cold and sore throat along with boosting your immunity. It contains 15 carefully selected ayurvedic herbs and is prepared from Ayush Kwath ingredients, all of which are crushed and boiled in water for hours together to make it into a decoction that benefits your health.

The Dos and Don'ts of Drinking Kadha:

You must have heard a lot of people saying that consuming anything out of moderation can harm your health. And hence, you must follow some dos and don'ts of drinking kadha for immunity. When you follow some rules to consume immunity kadha, it helps you gain maximum health benefits without putting yourself through any kind of side effects. To understand this, stick by the things mentioned below.

- Use cooling spices in your kadha that can help in preventing stomach issues. You can add licorice, rose petals, and some cardamom to your kadha drink.

- Consume only half a cup of kadha a day. Don't get hooked on the kadha benefits and think that if you drink it thrice a day, it will do the work faster for you. It would rather do the opposite. So, consume it in controlled portions.

- Make sure you don't over-boil your kadha as it can turn bitter and lead to acidity and heartburn. You can give the kadha a quick boil and make a fresh one every day.

- Take a break from drinking kadha for immunity. For example, if you are consuming kadha for three weeks straight, make sure you give yourself a break for the next two weeks and then start all over again.

- Eat cooling foods to balance out the heat in your body which is produced by kadha that can affect your skin. Oranges, cucumbers, curd, coconut water, etc., can be consumed throughout the day.


Now that you know all about the kadha benefits, including this drink in your daily routine should be a must. Our Indian herbs and spices have quite a lot of health benefits and together when they can make a beautiful decoction like kadha. It can only help you naturally improve your health for the better. So, if you're someone who's finding it hard to keep a track of your immunity, you must consider drinking kadha.


  • When should I drink Kadha?

You should consume kadha for immunity on an empty stomach in the morning. You can even consume it at night after 30-45 minutes of dinner, but make sure you drink it an hour before bedtime, as per practo.

  • What are the other benefits of drinking kadha?

Apart from helping in boosting your immunity, drinking kadha can aid in improving your skin's quality, strengthening your stomach health, decreasing body temperature, and more.

  • What are the major ingredients I should check for before buying a kadha?

You can look for all the ingredients that we've mentioned earlier here before investing in kadha. Apart from those, you can look for Sunthi, Manuka, Amla, Ashwagandha, Kankol, etc., all of which are present in Saffola Immuniveda Kadha.

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